How CMOs Can Leverage Analytics Tools to Measure Campaign Success

Marketing analysis tools provide CMOs with the data and metrics they need to make informed decisions for their company. From when to run a promotion to how to target high-value customers, or even determining the ideal price point to increase revenues in the medium term, these tools can help create a comprehensive marketing analysis package. With the big data revolution rapidly changing the way successful companies present themselves to their target audience, intelligent CMOs are taking advantage of the new opportunities. Companies are increasingly implementing new technologies to take advantage of big data, as we detailed in our last article on big data technologies. One of the best opportunities to apply big data is for marketing departments, as it provides an immense amount of useful data for marketers to use to increase marketing ROI.

In the era of digital transformation, big data and marketing are linked forever. To succeed in the digital marketing and big data analysis world, every CMO must understand how big data can be used for their own success. To help you understand how big data can boost your marketing efforts, we've compiled seven key facts about the impact of big data on marketing that every CMO should know.

1.Social Media Analysis

Social media analysis consists of collecting and analyzing data points from social networks to help inform your social media strategy and optimize engagement around your organic and paid initiatives on social networks. This includes understanding typical behavior, assigning roles, and identifying the “next best action” for content.

2.Leverage Brand Marketing Analysis

Leveraging brand marketing analysis and competitive creative intelligence will only make media spending more efficient in terms of consumer participation and opinion, allowing for better brand results and accelerating the creation of better information-based creatives.

3.Avoid Data Silos

Avoid creating data silos and rigid rules by using a flexible marketing analysis package that covers all the organization's operations. Analytics can come from a variety of different areas that teams interact with every day, such as advertising, SEO, customer service, and satisfaction tools.

4.Big Data is Having an Enormous Effect on Marketing

While there are still many obstacles to overcome when it comes to large amounts of data, the trends are clear: big data is having an enormous effect on how successful companies market their products and increase sales.

5.Audience Analysis is Necessary

This shows that audience analysis on social networks is necessary to provide excellent communication.

6.Big Data is Having an Impact on SEO Decisions

With the treasure trove of useful data offered through searches, it's no surprise that big data is having a big impact on the SEO decisions made by CMOs and marketers.

7.Use Cases are Crucial for Brands

These use cases demonstrate why social media analysis is so crucial for brands, and all good analytics platforms will be created and developed with these use cases in mind.

Measuring Real Success

The context is so crucial that, to measure real success, companies must compare themselves with the competition and also with the performance averages of the industry and the region..

Emplifi Ads Benchmarks


Emplifi Ads benchmarks help you measure the ROI of your social networks in your context by understanding how the performance of Facebook ads (or Instagram ads) evolves in all regions and industries over the course of a campaign or over any period of time you choose.


Marketing Data Analysis Can Uncover Hidden Potential


Marketing data analysis can help uncover hidden potential and avoid difficulties, while making the organization respond effectively to changes in marketing efforts.