What Skills Does a Chief Marketing Officer Need to Succeed?

Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) are responsible for creating and executing marketing strategies that will ensure success. As the Chief Marketing Officer, they must be able to communicate effectively with both the target audience and the board. Leadership is essential for CMOs, as they provide the organization and motivation needed to keep their team and marketing efforts focused. A good leader leads by example, so being a reliable source of information and experience is also vital for the Chief Marketing Officer. In addition to being an expert in data analysis, a good CMO has a solid understanding of their market and should be familiar with the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) guidelines. Knowing the needs of consumers and their preferences is essential for developing strategies that work.

Storytelling is often considered the “why” of marketing, and CMOs must be able to develop narratives about their products or services to relate them to their final consumer. Being a good storyteller is essential for any marketing role, including that of CMO, since their leadership and strategy guide the rest of the team. Even with the data at hand, the CMO must have a good balance between creativity and digital skills. If they don't have these skills, they can collaborate with departments that have creative team members and a more innovative approach. A marketing director also ensures that the organization's message is distributed across all channels and to the target audience in order to meet sales objectives.

In the highly digital landscape in which much of the marketing takes place, a good marketing strategy can be manipulated and modified according to the needs of the consumer. We spoke with marketing managers and leaders from all industries to find out what skills and traits best define today's CMO. Technology, product development, data management, staffing and real marketing enter the field of CMOs, and as artificial intelligence, virtual reality and AR are becoming more widespread, more changes are on the way. If you're prepared to take these skills and apply them, the CMOx accelerator prepares you to become a fractional CMO. As a good marketing leader, it's important to admit when you don't know something and to actively learn from your team when possible. As it is one of the basic skills that every CMO needs, you must have the ability to conceptualize and implement effective marketing strategies for your company. The CMO must identify opportunities that allow teams to work faster with technology, not only in marketing but throughout the organization.

The primary responsibility of the marketing director is to generate revenue by increasing sales through successful marketing for the entire organization, through market research, pricing, product marketing, marketing communications, advertising and public relations. You or your company's CMO should have the necessary skills to take data and develop strategies that prioritize and focus on your KPIs. Beidler, CAE, is the director of e-commerce technology and marketing for the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association in Rockville, Maryland.