What Makes a Great Chief Marketing Officer? - A Comprehensive Guide

A great Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is an agent of change, understanding the reach of a strong marketing leader and the types of innovation that are required from a marketing, product and organizational perspective. They have the knowledge and credibility to make valuable contributions to the overall business strategy and focus on the “art” of marketing to position themselves as leaders of an execution organization. CMOs must also create and manage profitable growth, have a business mindset, and possess core skills essential for success in the modern marketing industry. In order to stay ahead of the curve, CMOs must understand the influence they have on the company's growth and lead initiatives related to customer experience (CX).

They must prioritize the customer, use personal data to create value, and collaborate with top management to explain how marketing inputs can generate tangible results. As a CMO, it is essential to possess certain qualities in order to be successful in this rapidly evolving role. Five key qualities that are essential for success include having a business mindset, strategic thinking, technology savvy, storytelling capabilities, and agility. Having a business mindset is critical for CMOs as they must have a strong understanding of the business, market and customers in order to have the most influence.

They should be actively working to increase revenues in all global business activities. Strategic thinking is also important as CMOs should be able to think strategically about how their marketing efforts can contribute to the overall success of the organization. Technology savvy is another key quality for CMOs as they must be knowledgeable about new technologies, channels, regulations and changing customer preferences in order to stay ahead of the competition. Storytelling capabilities are also important as CMOs should be able to tell stories that promote brand relevance and coherence.

Lastly, agility is essential for CMOs as they must be agile and nimble in order to keep up with changing markets and consumer demands for multi-channel engagement. By possessing these five qualities, CMOs can ensure that their organizations remain competitive in an ever-changing market. They should also stay up-to-date on the latest news, advice and analysis related to customer-centric marketing, commerce and digital experience design.