How to Increase Brand Recognition and Visibility in the Marketplace

The most successful brands are often the most recognizable. Think of Nike in the clothing industry, Apple in consumer technology, and Coca-Cola in food and beverages. To increase your brand awareness, you need to be creative and use a variety of tactics. Here, 15 members of the Forbes Coaching Council share their best strategies for publicizing brands.

1.Leverage Your EmployeesYour employees are your brand's best asset. To make them effective brand ambassadors, leaders must create a culture that encourages them to proactively evangelize the organization. The process and technology come later.

2.Tell Your Story

For larger companies, your brand story should be a combination of your mission statement and your story. This will help customers understand what you stand for and why they should choose you.

3.Conduct Research

Nikos, part of the customer research team, focuses on helping brands discover information to achieve their objectives and open up new opportunities for growth.

4.Measure Brand Metrics

Many brand marketers struggle to accurately measure their brand metrics.

To get an overview of your success, analyze all the platforms together and compare baseline figures with current results.

5.Create Collaborative Alliances

Creating collaborative alliances and joint venture partnerships is an excellent way to build brand awareness that is often overlooked.

6.Analyze Your Market

Your market will have a great impact on your market, which will position you as a reliable reference source in your industry.

7.Use Social Media

Gaining followers on social media is an excellent signal of brand recognition since followers are more likely to know and recognize your brand than people who haven't followed you yet.

8.Offer Incentives

With a small incentive, you can create a sweepstakes or contest that gains ground through actions and increases brand awareness in a fun way.

9.Ask Questions

To start building brand awareness, it's important to know how much you currently have and to ask your audience the right questions about brand image.

10. Define Your Brand

It's not about what you sell but what you represent as a brand and how you embody it in your interactions with everyone from customers to employees.

11. Leverage Popular Events

Building on its success at the Olympic and Paralympic Games, one organization created a transport bag that became an object of desire thanks to its association with a popular event.

12. Use Video Content

< p >Considering that 83% of marketers already believe that video is increasingly important, it's not a trend you want to ignore..