15 Tips from the Experts to Increase Brand Awareness and Visibility

Marketers are always on the lookout for ways to boost their brand's awareness and visibility among their target audience. To help you out, 15 members of the Forbes Coaching Council have shared their top tactics for publicizing brands. Your employees are your brand's best asset, so it's essential to create a culture in which they are eager to promote the organization. This should be your first step, as the process and technology come later.

Brand awareness is an ongoing process, just like maintaining a friendship or relationship. When measuring your company's brand awareness, make sure to avoid common mistakes. According to Salesforce's “The State of Connected Customers” report, 52% of consumers expressed their frustration at being treated like a number and identified non-personalized communications as a decisive factor in working with a brand. Your direct traffic number will tell you how much your marketing is encouraging people to visit your website.

You should also work with your brand team or an independent graphic designer to create a symbol that you use ubiquitously in your marketing, advertising and organic campaigns. Once a consumer knows a brand, they will begin to recognize it without help, seek it out when making a purchase, prefer it over other similar brands and establish loyalty that not only stimulates other purchases but also inspires recommendations to family and friends. Podcasts are great for building brand awareness in target markets because the audience can be as specific as your brand needs. If you can provide valuable information that helps solve a problem or answer a question, people will be more likely to share your content.

Increasing brand awareness through campaigns gives you the opportunity to venture into marketing and advertising opportunities that you wouldn't otherwise invest in. We've talked a lot about images, but text is another opportunity to show the social personality of your brand. You can use this information to adjust your marketing strategy and ensure that your brand is viewed in a positive light. Even if you're not a master of design, there are plenty of social media post templates that will help you create eye-catching images. Red Bull is an example of a company that literally took its marketing to the extreme by constantly sponsoring extreme sporting events such as cliff diving and motocross.

Combining forces with a non-competitive company whose target audience is identical to yours is also a good strategy for brand visibility. Finally, consider using all-in-one software such as HubSpot's marketing, sales CRM, customer service, CMS and operations software platform.