How to Increase Brand Recognition and Awareness

Word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective way to build trust and familiarity among customers.


is a powerful strategy to increase brand recognition and awareness. It involves showing ads to users who visited your site but left before converting. These ads are placed all over the web, on the sites that your customers visit, giving the impression that your brand is much larger than it actually is.

To expand brand recognition, you need to be creative and use a variety of tactics. Your employees are your brand's best asset, so create a culture in which they want to proactively evangelize the organization. The brand recognition strategy involves marketing efforts that help a company promote a brand message and increase customers. Organic social marketing is becoming increasingly difficult, so more companies are resorting to paid social advertising. To turn brand awareness into brand influence, take an omnichannel approach in your marketing and brand recognition campaigns.

Marketers develop strategies to ensure that the customer doesn't forget their brand, but instead places them at the top. Despite competition in most industries, there are also a lot of lazy and ineffective marketing attempts that prevent them from finding solutions. Customers care about the value of your product, but also about what you'll do for other customers and for society in general. The company took its marketing strategy to an extreme level by sponsoring events such as cliff diving and also sponsoring athletes. The benefits of brand recognition will affect the different layers of your organization, from marketing to design and customer service.

Brand awareness

is the extent to which potential customers recognize a brand and correctly associate it with their particular product or service.

As a company that sells products and services in a particular sector, it is not only beneficial to connect with customers and influencers in that area, but it also improves the business. When a customer is asked a question about a product category and the first brand they remember is their own, it's called Top-of-Mind Awareness. No matter the quality of your products and services, or how much you spend on advertising or how much you publish on social networks, your company is not likely to go very far if it doesn't have a brand identity that sets it apart. To increase brand recognition and awareness, you need to be creative with your strategies and use multiple tactics. Utilize organic social media marketing as well as paid social advertising campaigns.

Sponsor events or athletes to get more exposure for your brand. Connect with customers and influencers in your industry to build relationships with them.